Page 11 Easy to Open packages

 The Tear Grip pattern will be opened by pressing a finger against the centre of the pattern and by that the consumer gets a strong hold to separate the layers or taking off the foil.

With the Tear Grip pattern also people with diminished sight will find where to open the package

Exemple of Easy to open Packages     

Ketchup, gallipot or similar with the extra tab which makes it easy to take off the seal

Package for butter, pastry or similar with the Tear Grip pattern for an easy opening. 

Spice, candy or similar with ZIP-lock for reclosing. After taking the upper part away there is still a tab to use for reopening.

Milk, juice, or others with an extra folded tab to be used for taking the foil away.

Coffee package with the Tear grip pattern for easy separating the two layers.

With ZIP-lock the

quality is not destroyed

Any kind of food package will have the Tear Grip Pattern in every corner to make it easy to open up.

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