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The owner, Hans Hedlund, have had problems during some years when opening consumer packages. As this is depending on weak thumbs, the idea of "A-HOLE-WHICH-IS-NO-HOLE" resulted in the solution for opening of packages.

With this in mind, the idea was presented for ALMI in Sweden some years ago as beeing the solution  to the general problem for so many humans. At ALMI it was found that "this was something completely unique". Simple and adoptable without any major changes in the packages. For consumers a way of solving the problems which functions on nearly all materials used in consumer packaging.


The company was formed in year 2008 with the aim to introduce the invention on the Swedish market to start with. The concept, which in principle can eliminate the opening problems of most types of consumer packaging, was recieved by producers and machine manufacturers as something totally new: "We have never thought this way of doing it", "this is the way it shall be done", "just right", etc.

The concept is applicable in most cases where two layers shall be separated or a seal be lifted off.

The concept is patented including pattern protection in Europa.

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