Page 8 Examples of impossible packages

Examples of packages impossible to open for many of us without use of external tools


Ketchup, medicinebottle or similar with extremely small folddown tabs under a hard to take off screwlid

Package for butter, pâté or similar which lacks a tab or have a too slippery tab to give a strong hold

Spice, candy bag or other container with ZIP-strip for resealing but without material to grab for the second opening of the bag

Milk, juice, yoghurt or soup container which has a seal in the form of a lid that needs strong fingers to be taken off

500 gr. coffee packaging without or with small flaps for opening

Meat or cheese packaging lacking or having invisible tabs for the separation of the seal

 What´s the problem?

Why do so many consumers have difficulties to open ordinary consumer packaging when there are possibilities to produce easy opening packages?

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