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Easy to open packages - access for all

In the report from 27/11 2009 the Swedish Rheumatism Association reported that over 1,5 million Swedes and over 70 million Europeans have daily problems with "impossible packaging".

A TEMO survey presented in this study finds that:

•   Swedish people believe that the most important feature of a packaging is that it is easy to open, operate and in some cases easy to reseal

       •  2 out of 3 people are willing to pay more for an easy-to-open packaging

       •  every 5th Swede becomes irritated several times a week on packaging

After this report, there are many other reports published which clearly expresses dissatisfaction with the "bad" packages. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made in this area so the problems remain largely unchanged.

In the study "Innventia Global Outlook Packaging 2020" there is one report based on interviews made in Sweden, the United States and India, which declares that difficult to access is an ordinary hassle with packages.

"Among the things that change with age are your cognitive and physical abilities such as your eyesight; putting new demands and expectations on packaging usability. For instance, whereas 45% of American and 54% of Swedish consumers aged 18-26 reported 'difficult to open' as a common packaging hassle, corresponding numbers for consumers aged 55 and above were 81% and 74%."


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